ANDCA Codes of Conduct

ANDCA Codes of Conduct:

The Australian National Dance Competition Alliance – ANDCA – has been formed to unify National Codes of Conduct for the safety, wellbeing and protection of participants and the promotion of positive ethics within our Australian competition industry.

ANDCA consists of the following Australian National Dance Competitions:

  • DanceLife Unite
  • Peter Oxford’s Showcase & Hollywood Bound
  • Get The Beat
  • Follow Your Dreams

The following Codes of Conduct are applicable to all ANDCA competitions. Participants in any of the above competitions are bound by ANDCA Codes of Conduct in addition to each competition’s own Terms & Conditions. Failure to observe ANDCA Codes of Conduct may result in disqualification and/or future ban from any or all ANDCA competitions.

 Dressing Room Codes

  • Stage 1 will be a common area where NO costume changing or undressing will take place.
  • Stage 2 will be a partitioned or closed off area where ALL undressing and costume changing will take place.
  • At no point are any photos or video to be taken inside a change room.

Anti-bullying Code:         

  • We are firmly Bully Free and reward acts of kindness at our events. Please be considerate around others and support ALL competitors and Studios for the duration of the event. Any evidence of bullying from anyone at the event will be dealt with accordingly and may result in instant disqualification.

Social Media Code:

  • Positive social media promotion is welcomed using official tags and relevant links. However posts on any social media forum that are considered to be damaging in any way by Directors toward any person involved in our events will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification and/or a permanent ban from future competition among all ANDCA competitions. This includes posts prior, during or post event/s which may in any way: 1) intimidate, bully, harass or discourage another person from participating in our events; 2) which may damage valuable sponsorship arrangements; or, 3) which may cast doubt upon the integrity, professionalism and/or reputation of this competition and it’s Director/s.

 Remember Social Media can be fun but must be used in a responsible way!

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