DanceLife Unite has GROWN! So in 2017 we will be taking our NATIONALS to the Olympic Park, State Sports Centre at Homebush to bump in straight after the amazing AUSTRALIAN DANCE FESTIVAL. The ADF runs from 15th-17th September and DanceLife Unite runs directly after that! This means that all dancers from across Australia and New Zealand won’t have to choose between their favourite annual dance events … you can do BOTH! Over an incredible 10 days filled with Dance, Workshops, Competition, FUN and amazing, inspiring opportunities you and your dance teams will mix it with the absolute best  in our industry at Australia’s leading dance events – DanceLife Unite and the Australian Dance Festival! 

The DanceLife Unite Nationals run from Tuesday 19th to Sunday 24th September, 2017. (We also have Monday 18th on hold for exciting Dance Events to be announced throughout the 2017 season!!)  Over six electric days, all qualifying acts will compete at national level FINALS vying for a place in the GRAND FINAL and incredible cash and prizes!! The National Grand Final takes place on Sunday 24th September with brilliant Guest Acts and the best of the best DanceLife Unite competitors!


  • All acts must enter and achieve a minimum score of 80 points at one of our Regional Live Events or Online Heats.
  • Troupes – For every 5 qualified troupes, a studio, crew or school may enter one additional un-qualified BONUS troupe routine. New for 2017: Troupe acts entered in Nationals do not need to be the same genre or age group as acts qualified in the Regional Heats however the number of routines entered in Nationals cannot exceed the number of acts qualified plus allowed BONUS routines e.g. if a studio qualifies 20 acts through heats, they can now enter ANY 20 acts at Nationals regardless of age or genre of the acts that qualified … they may also enter 4 additional BONUS routines.
  • Duo/Trio acts, ‘Face of Capezio’ Models and Vocalists must enter Online Heats and qualify by achieving Celebrity’ level (80 points or above). Results posted on our website will only state if an entrant has achieved ‘Celebrity’ (‘Qualified’) status. ‘Rising Star’ levels do not qualify for Nationals.


At the DanceLife Unite National Finals, ALL performers must pre-purchase and wear a PERFORMER’S WRISTBAND at all times on their RIGHT WRIST across the entire event 19th-24th September.

All performers must purchase and wear the Performer’s Wristband – whether a soloist, duo/trio, model, vocalist or troupe participant. This wristband allows the performer to:

  • Perform on stage
  • Be a spectator of any section of the entire event EXCEPT GRAND FINAL
  • Participate in all relevant workshops by top professionals – i.e. available to ALL performers

                NB: Catwalk choreography by top professional models is for ‘Face of Capezio’ National Finalists only

Any performer not wearing a wristband will not be granted access to any of the above. Where a performer’s wristband has been lost, destroyed, stolen, forgotten or otherwise gone missing, a new wristband MUST BE PURCHASED before the performer will be granted access to PERFORM, SPECTATE or PARTICIPATE in any event at the DanceLife Unite Nationals. Loose wristbands will be replaced by our staff.  ‘Sharing’ a wristband will immediately disqualify performers from competition. There will be no exception to this rule whatsoever.

Each section of the National Finals is judged separately and competitors receive an adjudication with relevant awards of trophies, dog tags and ribbons based on scores. First prize for each Troupe Final category wins $100 Cash. Highest point scorers from each age group are then collated to determine which acts will progress through to the Grand Final as follows:

TROUPES: The Top Six (6) scoring studios for each age group will progress to Grand Final and compete for major prizes. These studios must choose their best routine to compete. A studio could potentially qualify to compete for all age groups.

SOLOS: The Top Ten (10) scoring individual performers from each age group will be announced and awarded during Nationals. Of these, the Top Four (4) solo competitors in each age group will progress through to the Grand Final to compete for major prizes in each age group.

DUO/TRIOS: The Top Two (2) scoring Duo/Trio acts in each age group will progress directly through to the Grand Final to compete for major prizes.

MODELS: The ‘Face of Capezio’ competition is a detailed process combining modelling, photography and catwalk workshops. Our model mentor and Capezio representative at Nationals make the final assessment of all competitors. A Top Ten (10) are chosen in both the Petite/Junior and Teen/Senior combined categories i.e. A total of 20 models will go through to the Grand Final, where the final 4 winners are announced.

VOCALISTS: The Top scoring vocalists from each age group will receive prizes and be invited to perform at the Grand Final as Guest Artists. One amazing singer from this group will receive a major prize.

PRIMARY & HIGH SCHOOLS: School dance groups have their own sections at Nationals and can compete only in these sections or choose to also compete (with different routine/s) in regular troupe sections against dance studio groups. School groups that wish to compete for major prizes must enter and compete in the regular troupe sections. The Highest point-scoring School Dance Group will receive a $500 cash prize & be invited to perform at Grand Final as Guest Artists.

SMALL TROUPES: The Highest point-scoring Small Troupe will receive a $500 cash prize & be invited to perform at Grand Final as Guest Artists. If Small Troupes wish to compete for Major Prizes they must enter regular troupe sections at Nationals.
The second half of our Grand Final presents an incredible show featuring amazing guest and professional artists. Our judges then announce all National Title Champions and sponsored prizes!


Once the Director of a successful studio or the Parent/Chaperone of a successful Solo or Duo/Trio performer has registered which routine/s will be performed in the Grand Final, our staff will issue new ‘GRAND FINAL ONLY’ (GFO) performer wristbands which must be worn on the right wrist in addition to the regular performer’s wristband. Model Grand Finalists will be issued ‘GFO’ wristbands at rehearsal. For TROUPES, the number of wristbands issued is determined by the number of dancers listed on the studio’s entry form for the registered routine. These numbers can be adjusted up until 2 weeks prior to the event start-date. If more students perform in the Grand Final than are listed on our official records for that routine, a fee of $40+gst applies to each additional student for their ‘GFO’ wristband.

NB: If a ‘GFO’ wristband is lost, stolen, or otherwise unavailable a new one must be purchased at $40+gst. 

Grand Final performers wishing to watch the rest of the show must PURCHASE A SPECTATOR TICKET

Students who belong to a dance studio or school group selected for Grand Final but who are NOT participating in the Grand Final and wish to remain with their peers have two options:

  • If appropriately aged and holding a current Working With Children Check, they can act as a chaperone in the dressing room (dresser/assistant supervisor)
  • Purchase an audience spectator ticket @$40+gst (pre-purchased rate) or $45+gst (at event rate)

NB: All ‘chaperones’ in a dressing room that are responsible for children other than their own must hold a current Working With Children Check or their state equivalent.

National Finals Entry Fees

$75+gst per routine$75+gst per solo$95+gst per act$95+gst
*PLUS Performer's Wristband for each dancer. NB - competitors pay ONCE for performer wristbands.
Online Pre-PurchaseStandard Price @ Event


National Finals Spectator Fees

EventOnline Pre-Purchase*Standard Price @ Event
FINALS (Day Rate)$10+gst per person*$15+gst per person
GRAND FINAL$40+gst per person*$45+gst per person
EVENT PROGRAM$20+gst$20+gst
NB – Spectator prices are concession rates and standard for all ages at Nationals – no further discount applies.
*Pre-purchased tickets are available until Sunday 17th September 2017 for STUDIO/SCHOOL GROUP BOOKINGS ONLY. All other spectator tickets must be purchased at the event.

Teachers Wristbands

For NATIONAL FINALS - audience & workshop participation entry
Director's FREE WristbandTeacher/Chaperone's FREE Wristband
1-5 Troupes entered12
6-20 Troupes entered23
21+ Troupes entered34
Director's FREE WristbandTeacher/Chaperone's FREE Wristband
(This pass allows audience OR backstage access)(This pass allows BACKSTAGE ACCESS ONLY)
1-2 Troupes in Grand Final  1To be determined by troupe/s size & age
3+ troupes in Grand Final  2To be determined by troupe/s size & age
* All ‘chaperones’ in dressing rooms responsible for children other than their own must hold a current Working With Children Check or their state equivalent.
NB: We will need to know if Directors will be backstage or intend to watch in the audience to prepare VIP seating for you!
This information is required at the time of registering which troupe/s you will be competing with at Grand Final.

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