Created in 2009, DanceLife Unite has quickly grown into Australia’s largest troupe dance competition with an exceptional response from competitors, teachers, parents and judges alike! DanceLife Unite is also sought after as an incredibly rewarding experience for Elite Solo performers and Dance Models. As we grow more dancers from all locations can experience the magic of DanceLife Unite and share in our exceptional competition experience which is both positive and rewarding!

LIVE EVENTS – Hi-energy Regional competitions for TROUPES, CREWS, SCHOOL GROUPS (+ Solos in selected areas)
ONLINE EVENTS – Professionally adjudicated online heats for SOLO, DUO/TRIO, MODELS & TROUPES
NATIONALS & GRAND FINAL – Exciting professionally-run Event with exceptional industry-relevant & CASH prizes.
ANNUAL PRIZE POOL NOW OVER $400,000 including massive Dance Scholarships, Cash, National & International Travel with Training Opportunities, Dancewear and Sponsored Dance Products, Individualised Mentoring and much, much more! Prize Pool of between $5,000-$10,000 for each Live Regional Event for TROUPES & CREWS with Major Award Categories for Choreography, Technique, Entertainment and Highest Pointscore, plus more!
DanceLife Unite is now Australia’s largest Troupe competition catering for dance groups of all ages, sizes and genre categories. Get your studio in front of current industry leaders and experienced judges and win your share of our fantastic prize pool! You can compete at one of our Live Events for Cash & incredible prizes, or Online for qualification to compete at Nationals!
School Dance groups can enter and compete in their own troupe sections at DanceLife Unite. Primary School Dance Groups (K-6) can enter in an open-style section of any genre, while High School Dance Groups can now enter Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz/Hip Hop and an ‘Any Style’ section. School Dance Group sections are offered in selected areas  – please check Calendar of Events for details. For a copy of DanceLife Unite Schools Syllabus contact us by completing your details below.
Australia is renowned across the globe for having some of the best, well-trained dancers in the world! At DanceLife Unite, we understand the very busy lives of young dancers and their parents. For this reason, we have created a unique opportunity for Solo, Duo/Trio & Model acts to enter and compete in Heats ONLINE as well as limited solo opportunities at Live Regional events wherever time permits with Troupe competition. Performers are adjudicated by our industry-professional judging panel and, if qualified with 80 points or above, will be invited to join us at Nationals in Sydney and compete for incredible prizes.
All acts that compete and qualify with 80 points or above at either our Live Regional Events or Online Heats are eligible to enter and compete at DanceLife Unite National Finals held in Sydney in the NSW Sept/Oct School Holidays of each year.
DanceLife Unite employs only high calibre mentors and judges who are passionate working industry professionals – both Nationally and Internationally. Regular expert judges include Kelley Abbey, Sarah Boulter, Jason Winters, Marko Panzic, Stephen Tannos, Amy Campbell, Adam Parson and many more. All our judges adjudicate on a professional,  industry-relevant level, bringing a uniquely beneficial element to the competition. DanceLife Unite CONNECTS the competition & professional dance industries like no other with genuine, incredible opportunities!

Details … Live Regional Events

DanceLife Unite is primarily a Troupe competition however due to strong demand we now offer limited Solo opportunities at selected Live Events as well. All Live Regional Events are held in excellent theatres with large stages, dressing facilities, excellent viewing and professional technicians.  Where possible, DanceLife Unite live events will be adjudicated by two industry-professionals with no local ties. Troupes & Crews including Primary and High School Dance Groups compete for a total Prize Pool of $5,000-$10,000 at each Regional event (depending on the number of entries). Each studio or school can enter a maximum of two routines in each category per age group. Places are limited at each regional event and entries will close once maximum numbers are reached, so REGISTER EARLY to avoid missing out on the magic of DanceLife Unite!

In selected areas where theatre time permits on tour, we are now able to offer very LIMITED SOLO events for ELITE DANCERS (please check Calendar of Events page for details). Live Solo Events often sell out in less than 24 hours so BE QUICK to enter for your chance to perform LIVE and compete for sponsored prizes including CASH SCHOLARSHIPS!

Details … Online Events

Our Online Events mean performers are no longer restricted by geographic boundaries and can compete against the best in Australia, New Zealand and possibly the world! Our Online Program is the only competition of its kind where entry is as easy as uploading a YouTube file to our entry system. Everything is done via our website online. All you need is a performance quality video of your dance routines from the past year, and to upload them to your YouTube account. Then, the video link is copied into your online entry form along with your registration details.


Soloists may enter as many categories within their age group as desired but only once per genre per heat. Multiple heats can be entered if you have a new routine you would like to have critiqued by our professional panel of judges. Duos & Trios may enter as many times in their relevant category as desired for the Online Heats, but can only enter once for Nationals. If a duo or trio member is also a member of a different duo/trio act they must choose which act they compete with at Nationals.


Troupes, Crews & School Groups that would love to enter DanceLife Unite but are either located too far from one of our live event locations, are unable complete routines in time, or have other exceptional circumstances may enter and compete for adjudication, prizes and National qualification via our Online Program. Online heats are also open to International competitors.


Are you the next ‘Face of Capezio’? DanceLife Unite, in conjunction with Capezio Australia bring this exciting competition to young dancers in Australia and New Zealand.  If you have the look, the skill, the personality and love to combine your passion for dance with your passion for fashion, you could be the next ‘Face of Capezio by DanceLife Unite’ in your age group. All entrants must be dancers & you will need to supply your studio’s details. The four chosen winners will receive a contract to feature in advertising for Capezio and DanceLife Unite throughout the following season together with a professional photo shoot with Damian Tierney Photography, Cash & other prizes! Entrants must not be contracted to other brands past the date of the contract for this opportunity which is always from the January following Nationals for a 12 month period.

Details … Nationals

DanceLife Unite NATIONALS will be held at the SHORE SCHOOL for Solos 28-30 September 2018, and LUNA PARK for Troupes, Workshops & Grand Final 1-3 October, 2018 in the NSW September/October School Holidays. You and your dance teams will mix it with the absolute best  in our industry at Australia’s leading dance competition with incredible prizes and opportunities – DanceLife Unite! 

The DanceLife Unite Nationals will run over six electric days, all qualifying acts will compete at national level FINALS vying for a place in the GRAND FINAL and incredible cash and prizes!! The National Grand Final takes place on the final day of competition with brilliant Guest Acts and the best of the best DanceLife Unite competitors!


  • All acts must enter and achieve a minimum score of 80 points at one of our Regional Live Events or Online Heats.
  • Troupes – For every 5 qualified troupes, a studio, crew or school may enter one additional un-qualified BONUS troupe routine. Troupe acts entered in Nationals do not need to be the same genre or age group as acts qualified in the Regional Heats however the number of routines entered in Nationals cannot exceed the number of acts qualified plus allowed BONUS routines e.g. if a studio qualifies 20 acts through heats, they can now enter ANY 20 acts at Nationals regardless of age or genre of the acts that qualified … they may also enter 4 additional BONUS routines.
  • Duo/Trio acts and ‘Face of Capezio by DanceLife Unite’ Models must enter Online Heats and qualify by achieving Celebrity’ level (80 points or above). Results posted on our website will only state if an entrant has achieved ‘Celebrity’ (‘Qualified’) status. ‘Rising Star’ levels do not qualify for Nationals.


At the DanceLife Unite National Finals, ALL performers must pre-purchase and wear a PERFORMER’S WRISTBAND at all times on their RIGHT WRIST across the entire event. All performers must purchase and wear the Performer’s Wristband – whether a soloist, duo/trio, model or troupe participant. This wristband allows the performer to:

  • Perform on stage
  • Be a spectator of any section of the entire event EXCEPT GRAND FINAL
  • Participate in all relevant workshops by top professionals – i.e. available to ALL performers

Any performer not wearing a wristband will not be granted access to any of the above. Where a performer’s wristband has been lost, destroyed, stolen, forgotten or otherwise gone missing, a new wristband MUST BE PURCHASED before the performer will be granted access to PERFORM, SPECTATE or PARTICIPATE in any event at the DanceLife Unite Nationals. Loose wristbands will be replaced by our staff.  ‘Sharing’ a wristband will immediately disqualify performers from competition. There will be no exception to this rule whatsoever.


Each section of the National Finals is judged separately and competitors receive an adjudication with relevant awards of trophies, dog tags and ribbons based on scores. First prize for each Troupe Final category wins a $100 Prize. Highest point scorers from each age group are then collated to determine which acts will progress through to the Grand Final as follows:

TROUPES: The Top Eight (8) scoring studios for each age group will progress to Grand Final and compete for major prizes. These studios must choose their best routine to compete. A studio could potentially qualify to compete for all age groups.

SOLOS: The Top Ten (10) scoring individual performers from each age group of the ‘Protege Major National Solo Championships’ will be announced and awarded during Nationals. Of these, the Top Four (4) solo competitors in each age group will progress through to the Grand Final to compete for major prizes in each age group.

DUO/TRIOS: The Top scoring Duo/Trio acts in each age group (Junior & Senior) will be awarded directly from the Finals and announced as National Champions. Winners are invited to perform as guest artists at the Grand Final.

MODELS: The ‘Face of Capezio by DanceLife Unite’ competition is a detailed process combining modelling, photography and catwalk workshops. Our model mentor and Capezio representative at Nationals make the final assessment of all competitors. A Top Ten (20) are chosen in both the Petite/Junior and Teen/Senior combined categories i.e. A total of 40 models will go through to the Grand Final, where the final 4 winners are announced.

PRIMARY & HIGH SCHOOLS: School dance groups have their own sections at Nationals and can compete only in these sections or choose to also compete (with different routine/s) in regular troupe sections against dance studio groups. School groups that wish to compete for major prizes must enter and compete in the regular troupe sections. The Highest point-scoring School Dance Group will receive a $500 cash prize & be invited to perform at Grand Final as Guest Artists.

SMALL TROUPES: The Highest point-scoring Small Troupe will receive a $500 cash prize & be invited to perform at Grand Final as Guest Artists. If Small Troupes wish to compete for Major Prizes they must enter regular troupe sections at Nationals.

The second half of our Grand Final presents an incredible show featuring amazing guest and professional artists. Our judges then announce all National Title Champions and sponsored prizes!


Once the Director of a successful studio or the Parent/Chaperone of a successful Solo or Duo/Trio performer has registered which routine/s will be performed in the Grand Final, our staff will issue new ‘GRAND FINAL ONLY’ (GFO) performer wristbands which must be worn on the right wrist in addition to the regular performer’s wristband. Model Grand Finalists will be issued ‘GFO’ wristbands at rehearsal. For TROUPES, the number of wristbands issued is determined by the number of dancers listed on the studio’s entry form for the registered routine. These numbers can be adjusted up until 2 weeks prior to the event start-date. If more students perform in the Grand Final than are listed on our official records for that routine, a fee of $40+gst applies to each additional student for their ‘GFO’ wristband.

NB: If a ‘GFO’ wristband is lost, stolen, or otherwise unavailable a new one must be purchased at $40+gst. 

National performers wishing to watch the Grand Final must PURCHASE A PERFORMER’S SPECTATOR TICKET at the incredibly discounted price of $20+gst at the event (NB you must be wearing your Performer’s Wristband to receive this discounted Grand Final Spectator’s entry stamp).

Students who belong to a dance studio or school group selected for Grand Final but who are NOT participating in the Grand Final and wish to remain with their peers have two options:

  • If appropriately aged and holding a current Working With Children Check, they can act as a chaperone in the dressing room (dresser/assistant supervisor)
  • Purchase an audience spectator ticket @$20+gst (only available if registered and wearing a Performer’s Wristband)

NB: All ‘chaperones’ in a dressing room that are responsible for children other than their own must hold a current Working With Children Check or their state equivalent.

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