Congratulations on qualifying for DanceLife Unite Nationals 2018! We look forward to your performances!

EACH PERFORMER at DanceLife Unite Nationals needs to REGISTER for a PERFORMER’S WRISTBAND which allows the performer to:

  1. Take the Stage
  2. Watch all events except for the Grand Final (this is separately ticketed)
  3. Participate in all Open Workshops in relevant age group (min of 4 with amazing choreographers)

The DISCOUNTED FEE to purchase Registration (Performer’s Wristband) has now expired. ANY DANCER still needing to register now MUST PURCHASE the performer’s wristband at the event at $75+gst (regular rate)

Each performer needs to REGISTER ONLY ONCE regardless of how many troupes, solos etc they may be performing in at Nationals.

Registration entitles each performer to the PERFORMER’S WRISTBAND (as per syllabus) which must be worn at all times on the performer’s RIGHT WRIST across the entire National Event 28th SEPT – 3rd OCT 2018. This includes during on stage performances. Performer’s wristbands must not be shared and will be checked by our staff before entering the stage to ensure that they will not ‘fall off’. Any loosely fitted wristbands will be cut off by our staff and replaced to firmly fit by our staff. If a wristband is cut, broken, shared, lost, stolen or otherwise not fitted to a dancer’s wrist prior to performing or entering a workshop or entering an audience spectating area, that performer will not be allowed to take the stage or access workshop or audience areas and must purchase a new wristband at the regular cost of $75+gst ($82.50) at the event

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