"Dear Chris and Team, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting on such an amazing competition. From the moment I arrived I was greeted with a hug, thanks Chris! And everyone was so friendly, welcoming, supportive and clearly just loving being apart of this incredible competition. My students had an absolute ball both competing and participating in the fabulous workshops. All the workshop instructors were amazing, the feedback and positive messages they were giving to the dancers was so appreciated. Obviously for us, being our first time and coming all the way from Perth I felt a little nervous about the whole thing but honestly it could not have asked for anything more. The students all walked away inspired by both their workshop teachers and other dancers/troupes, and proud of themselves for their own dancing and the memories made will stay with them a lifetime. You Guys Are The BEST! Thank you and we look forward to returning to do it all again! Many thanks."
“WOW WOW WOW ...We are still buzzing from what has been the most UNBELIEVABLE competition we have ever been involved in! Chris and team, thank you SO much for what you are giving to dancers around the country. From start to finish, DLU Regionals and Nationals was nothing short of a wonderful experience for my dancers, parents and us as teachers. We always try to promote a healthy environment for our students and we are so happy to have found your competition to be involved in for many years to come. My kids have come out totally inspired and if I am honest, I have too! The staff you employ, are always willing to do whatever it takes to make sure our experience is positive and as easy as possible, the judges’ comments on our critique sheets as well as in the awards presentations are always fair and so valuable and what a truly exciting time for my little Melbourne studio to be right up there, placing with all the big schools in Sydney. Never could have expected that! Everything you provide and the values you stand by, create the most amazing atmosphere, not to mention THE PRIZES you award. Its is just incredible. Congratulations - I doubt you have any idea just how positively you are impacting these kids lives with the opportunities you are providing for them. I cannot thank you enough. We can't wait until 2017!” – Amanda Toward, Studio Director, Melbourne
Amanda Toward
Studio Director / Melbourne
“I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere of it all, it doesn’t seem like a competition, everyone is there supporting each other and having a good time and there is no tension anywhere, its just a really friendly competition”
Aaron Matheson
Senior National Champion 2016 / DanceLife Unite
“I love Dancelife Unite because its more about the dancing rather than the tricks you do and it doesn’t really matter what you look like its just how you dance”
Sophie Moore
Teen National Champion 2016 & 2014 / DanceLife Unite
“I love everything about it, I like how there is a whole panel of judges and not just one judge, I also like how the whole community is so nice and friendly”
Audrey Freeman
Junior National Champion 2016 / DanceLife Unite
“The competition is very friendly and I like how everyone Is really nice to other people”
Kadelle Smith
Petite National Champion 2016 / DanceLife Unite
I am proud to be the National Ambassador of Australia’s DanceLife Unite. I consider DanceLife Unite to be a unique dance competition that centres around giving kids an opportunity to hone their performance skills, nurturing their self-esteem and furthering their dance education. It is a warm environment where they are exposed to industry professionals and encouraged to have FUN!
Kelley Abbey


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